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    Remix Competitions

    Currently running music production and remix competitions for producers. Some are on specific music styles. Join in to gain exposure, experience, have fun or just go for the prizes.

    Acidplanet Remix Competitions
    Acidplanet always has multiple remix contests running. Note that only remixes done in Acid (also the Demo version) are accepted.
    Break-Beat Paradise Contest
    Join my Contest Pages
    Celldweller remix competition
    Celldweller remix competition
    KVR Producer Remix Contests
    Share your music, collaborate, and partake in monthly music contests at the KVR Music Cafe.
    Laptoprockers Remix Competitions
    Lots of remix competitions listed. Check the website for all running remix contests.
    Los Angeles Music Awards Production Contest
    From all the entries, five finalists will be selected by the LAMA staff. Those five will make a triumphant return to ACIDplanet for the video creation portion of the event. No submission deadline.
    Online Remix Contests
    Browser based remix contests with the chance to meet famous artists and win excellent prizes.
    Space Cowboy Remix competition
    To enter the competition download any of the accapellas and remix it in which ever genre you like! The best will be pressed on special Tiger Trax 12″ this summer!

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